Kim Gura Had No Idea His Wife Was in a Car Accident

2015-04-20 07:22:04 2015-12-09 01:43:15

Comedian and MC Kim Gu Ra revealed that he had no idea that his wife had been in a car accident.

On the April 19 episode of MBC Every1‘s “Marriage Busters,” a viewer’s story about his wife who hid a car accident from him was introduced.

After listening to this, Kim Gu Ra said, “I’ve experienced this too. My wife was in a car accident and it was a big accident, to the point where the windshield was broken. She had a bump on her head.”

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He then continued, “But I didn’t know about it because she didn’t tell me about it. She didn’t tell me because she knew that I would nag her if I knew. In the story that we just heard, she probably didn’t tell her husband because she knows his personality.”

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