Kim Gura Understands Why His Son Receives Negative Comments from Netizens

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Kim Gu Ra mentioned his son and showed his fatherly side, saying that he advised his son on malicious comments.

On the April 20 episode of SBS’sHealing Camp,” Kim Gu Ra is asked to talk about his son, Kim Dong Hyun, who is nurturing his dream to be a rapper with the name MC Gree.

In the show Kim Gu Ra says, “There are a lot of mean comments on my son’s articles. A lot of them say ‘Hip hop loser.’ I asked my son whether he looked at the comments, and he told me, ‘no.’ He’s a lot like his mother so he isn’t interested in that type of thing.”

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He continues honestly, “I saw a lot of mean comments saying, ‘It’s all thanks to his father,’ ‘He’s a hip hop loser,’ so I told him not to look at the comments. But honestly speaking, even Simon D said, ‘I’m only meeting with him because he’s Gu Ra’s son.’ There are so many hip hop aspirants but Kim Dong Hyun got the opportunity, so I told him that it’s all right for him to get mean comments.”

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