Ji Sung Channels His “Kill Me, Heal Me” Personalities for Fashion Photo Shoot

2015-04-23 18:37:14 2015-04-23 18:37:14

Actor Ji Sung modeled off two very different types of looks for a photo shoot and interview with bnt International.

ji sung

In one of the photos, Ji Sung burns with fiery charisma in a black leather jacket. He looks like a bad boy ready to fight or steal your heart, or both at the same time.

However, in another photo, Ji Sung looks like a completely different kind of person in a simple white sweater. Lying on his stomach on white sheets, Ji Sung looks at the camera with such tender eyes. It’s hard to believe that both photos came from the same photo shoot, let alone the same person.

For those who have watch Ji Sung’s most recent drama, “Kill Me, Heal Me,” you will find a find a Shin Se Gi and Cha Do Hyun, respectively, in these photos.

ji sung

In an interview with the magazine, Ji Sung talked about his costar, Park Seo Joon. “Seo Joon is an actor who is curious and look forwards to the future. He has a passion that doesn’t match his age. He is flexible to be untouched by another’s acting abilities.”

He also talked about his relationship with costar Hwang Jung Eum. “We have a relationship where we give and take synergy. It’s not something you can just do with your mind. Isn’t it special?”

Check out this behind the scenes videos that show the other looks he modeled in the photo shoot.

Recently Ji Sung wrapped up filming “Kill Me, Heal Me” with Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung Eum.