Block B’s Zico Talks Prejudices against Idols and Goals as a Musician with GQ Korea

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GQ Korea

Leader of boy group Block B Zico is one tough cookie.

In a new pictorial and interview in the May issue of men’s magazine GQ Korea, the talented rapper and producer shares his views on prejudices against idols and his goals as a musician.

“I’m above concern about prejudices because I’m an idol. When idol members from time to time release hip-hop songs, they talk in an ‘I’m an idol, so what’ kind of way. But I think that if it’s real hip hop, they will be acknowledged even if they don’t talk like that,” Zico says.

GQ Korea

He continues, “My objective isn’t [to become] a rapstar. Rap is rap, but I really have a lot of ambition for producing. I want to show the extent to which I have no limits.”

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