Jung Ryeo Won Opens Up about Celebrity Ex-Boyfriend on “Healing Camp”

2015-04-27 23:47:25 2015-04-27 23:47:25

On the latest episode of SBS’ talk show “Healing Camp,” actress Jung Ryeo Won reveals why she decided to break up with her celebrity ex-boyfriend.

As the topic shifts to her love life, she says, “I broke up with my ex-boyfriend in the beginning of last year.”

“We had dated for a while in the past, and I could not control my feelings when we met up again. Such emotions made me think that he is ‘the one,’ but even after our honeymoon phase was over, I still couldn’t show him the real me. Finally, I realized that we’re not meant to be together and broke up with him,” she opens up about her experience, and adds, “I think I was more into him [than he was into me].”

MC Sung Yu Ri then asks if her ex-boyfriend works in the industry, to which Jung Ryeo Won responds, “I have never dated any non-celebrities.”

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