Jessica Says She Understands Others More as She Gets Older

2015-04-28 08:06:56 2015-04-28 08:06:56

Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica reflected on herself with an interview in a Taiwanese fashion magazine.

According to Taiwanese media on April 28, Jessica gave an interview for Elle Taiwan. As much as it is a fashion magazine, Jessica spoke a lot about her thoughts on fashion with them.

She said, “I think I’m more of a lady now, but I still feel like a young girl. I used to focus on my own thoughts but as I got older, I got to understand other people’s thoughts more, and I can put myself in others’ shoes and understand why they acted a certain way,” showing her maturity.

She also talked about her nickname “Ice Princess,” saying, “I think my fans thought I looked cold, and it doesn’t make me feel all that great.” She clarified, “People around me say I laugh a lot. I also like to joke a lot so they say I’m like a fool. I personally think I’m a pretty bright person.”

Jessica, who has started a new life as a designer, said that she liked Coco Chanel. She said, “She has never followed the trends. I also hope that my own brand won’t follow trends. She’s influenced me a lot.”

Meanwhile, Jessica left her former group Girls’ Generation last September and is now active in China as a designer. Recently, she just filmed her first variety show in Beijing since leaving the group.

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