Park Myung Soo Apologizes for Not Being Able to Guest on Jinusean’s Music Video

2015-04-28 19:51:35 2015-04-28 19:51:35

Broadcaster Park Myung Soo expressed his apologies for not being able to guest on Jinusean’s music video.

On April 28, Park Myung Soo hosted the hip hop duo Jinusean who have made their first comeback in 11 years on KBS Cool FM‘s “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show.”

While introducing them, he said apologetically, “I was asked by Sean to guest in their music video, but I had a schedule at the time so I couldn’t participate. However, they have so kindly guested on this radio show.”

He then continued, “I’ll interrogate Jinusean. It’s boring talking about the new album. I’ll ask about how much they earn. How much exactly do they earn that they can donate so much.”

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