Sewol Ferry Captain Is Sentenced to Life in Prison

2015-04-28 22:20:06 2015-12-07 22:20:14

The Sewol Ferry incident, which has been mentioned by countless Korean entertainers throughout the past year, has finally found justice.

On April 28, the court sentenced Captain Lee Joon Suk to a lifetime in prison after he was charged for murder.

The Department of Justice found him guilty of intentionally murdering the passengers, saying, “The captain left his ship during an accident without any warning or evacuation order.”

“Lee Joon Suk failed to attempt any rescue procedures during the ‘golden time’ (window of opportunity) to provide aid and ran away by himself instead,” they criticized. “This is the same as a rescue chief escaping on a helicopter while leaving the skyscraper to burn.”

Previously, during the first trial, Lee Joon Suk was sentenced to 36 years in jail because he was not charged with murder nor for escaping the vessel.

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