BoA Reveals Release Date and Details About New Album

2015-04-29 19:08:42 2015-04-29 19:08:42

The original Queen of K-Pop, BoA has announced the release date for her anticipated eight full-length album.

BoA has reportedly taken part in each stage of the album production process, and will demonstrate her skills as a songwriter, producer, and composer through the album set to drop on May 12.

BoA has already impressed her fans by penning the hits “Only One” and “Disturbance,” proving that she is not only an extremely talented singer but also an up-and-coming producer.

The new album will mark BoA’s return to the scene after nearly three years. To celebrate her 15th debut anniversary this year, she is expected to showcase a wide range of music through the album by featuring everything from R&B and funk to more traditional pop.

Make sure to stay tuned for more updates on BoA’s comeback!

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