Mark Ruffalo Wants to Move to Korea

2015-04-29 22:34:15 2015-04-29 22:34:15

Avengers: Age of Ultron” star Mark Ruffalo recently appeared on American talk show “Live with Kelly and Michael” and revealed his affection for Korean fans.

He appeared on the April 28 episode of the show to promote his new film. He shared, “I was just in Korea and Beijing, China.” Kelly asks, “Wow, how are the fans there?” The actor answers, “Now I can die knowing what it’s like to be a Beatle. For some reason I was really big in Korea. I’m huge in Korea. I can say that.”

He continues, “They’d ask me a question. Even before I could like, I would just make a gesture and (shrieking/screaming) and they were crying and falling on the ground. Kinda having anxiety attacks. They don’t do that when I come home. I’m moving to Korea.”

Watch his interview in the video below!

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