Lee Young Ae Poses with Her Adorable Twins in Pictorial Commemorating Family Month

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To commemorate May, which is often called Family Month in Korea, lifestyle magazine JLOOK recruited actress and mother of two Lee Young Ae as a special editor-in-chief for their May issue.

Befitting the theme of the issue, Lee Young Ae poses with her adorable fraternal twins Seung Kwon and Seung Bin. The pictorial does a good job of capturing Kodak moments of the family, like the twins goofing off on the couch and Seung Kwon getting distracted by his mother’s hand instead of smiling for the camera.


An excerpt from her editor’s note for the May issue reads, “Hello, It’s Lee Young Ae. For years I lived under the title of actress. And now, I am living as Seung Kwon and Seung Bin’s mother. Actress Lee Young Ae, who received the flashy spotlight, was happy, but my current life as the mother of two is also happy.”


Meanwhile, you can catch Lee Young Ae’s full pictorial and interview in the special May issue of JLOOK, which will be available for PDF download on the JLOOK website.


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