2AM’s Seulong to Return with New Self-Composed Solo Single Album

2015-05-12 17:36:37 2015-05-12 17:36:37

Vocal group 2AM member and actor Im Seulong is preparing to return with a brand new solo digital single album later this month.

This coming May 22, Seulong will be releasing his very own single album titled “Normal,” which is said to be a new style of RnB.

One of the songs to be included in the album, “Tell Me,” puts an emphasis on its poetic lyrics and simple RnB melody. On the other hand, “Mood Swing” has a vintage sound combined with a candid, refreshing rap mixed in.

Not only did Seulong take part in composing and writing the songs for this album, but he also thought of everything from the concept to the styling, as well as taking on the role of directing the music video.

Seulong, who is just now starting to walk the path of a solo artist, is set to reveal a live video of “Mood Swing” on May 19, before releasing both tracks from the “Normal” album on May 22.

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