Yoon Mi Rae and Sony Pictures Reach Settlement regarding Unauthorized Use of Her Song in “The Interview”

2015-05-12 21:56:48 2015-05-13 23:00:52
Feel Ghood Music

It has been revealed that after four months of back and forth, singer-rapper Yoon Mi Rae and Sony Pictures have reached a settlement regarding the unauthorized use of her song “Pay Day” in the Hollywood comedy film “The Interview.”

In an email sent on May 13 to Yonhap News, a Sony Pictures representative states, “We acknowledge that we used Yoon Mi Rae’s song ‘Pay Day’ before receiving an official license” and “We want to emphasize that the fact that the track was included [in ‘The Interview] does not mean that Yoon Mi Rae, Tiger JK, or Feel Ghood Music condones the content [of the film].”

Finally, “Both sides have amicably resolved this matter, so we hope to not have to talk about this issue anymore,” the email reads. The terms of the settlement were not included.

Meanwhile, Yoon Mi Rae’s management agency Feel Ghood Music revealed in December of last year that Yoon Mi Rae’s song “Pay Day” had been used without permission in “The Interview” and that they would be taking legal action.

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