Comedian Kim Shin Young Misses Radio Program Due to Health Issues

2015-05-13 07:47:35 2015-05-13 07:47:35

Comedian Kim Shin Young was unable to host her regularly broadcasted “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon” radio show today due to health issues.

During the May 13 broadcast of the MBC FM4U program, singer ILAC stood in for regular DJ Kim Shin Young, who is in the hospital because of undisclosed health problems. “Kim Shin Young was suddenly hospitalized after suffering some health issues,” ILAC revealed during the show. “I received a hurried phone call last night and spent two hours with her today.”

“I have always done ‘Hope Song at Noon’ alongside Kim Shin Young since the show first started, but now doing it alone I am quite nervous,” he said. Meanwhile, fans of Kim Shin Young left messages of support for the comedian’s speedy recovery on “Hope Song at Noon’s” online message board.

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