Lee Da Hee to Return to the Big Screen for the First Time in Five Years

2015-05-14 09:54:45 2015-05-14 09:54:45

Actress Lee Da Hee will be making a comeback to the big screen.

Her agency announced on May 14 that the actress has been cast for the lead role in the upcoming movie “May.” She has filmed the movie with no pay to show support for the film and the independent movie industry. The film is directed by Lee In Sung, who have worked as an assistant director on movies like “Lady Vengeance” and “Temptation of Wolves.”

This will be her first movie in five years. Her last film role was in “Harmony,” which was released in 2010.
Lee Da Hee was part of the female special of “Real Men.” Few of her latest dramas include “Big Man,” “Secret Love,” and “I Can Hear Your Voice.”

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