Tiffany, UEE, Hyorin, and Soyu Chosen as Having the Most Perfect Legs

2015-05-14 15:06:22 2015-05-14 15:06:22

On the broadcast of the show “Battle of the Beauties,” which aired May 14 on Channel W, the panelists discussed the theme of ‘How to Get Non-Photoshopped Legs.’

During the episode, several stars and ‘beautizens’ (beauty + netizens) mentioned the names of stars that they believe to have the most well-proportioned legs.

MBLAQ’s Mir shared his opinion: “If you have a thigh to calf to ankle proportion of 5:3:2, then you have the perfect leg proportions. I think Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany has perfect [leg] proportions.”

Comedienne Ahn Young Mi chose After School’s UEE, who is known for her ‘honey thighs,’ as having the best legs. On the other hand, the beautizens picked SISTAR’s Hyorin and Soyu as the stars with legs they aspire to have.

What are your thoughts?

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