Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Says Actor Son Hyun Joo Is Her Style

2015-05-15 21:46:12 2015-05-15 21:46:12

Girl’s Generation’s Sunny has uploaded an image of herself with her recent radio show guest Son Hyun Joo, saying that he is “her style.”

Posting the image on her Instagram on May 16, the singer and radio DJ commented, “With Korea’s greatest actor Son Hyun Joo (my style because he’s so genuine).” In the photo, Sunny can be seen playfully biting her tongue standing alongside Son Hyun Joo as the two gaze into the camera. Sunny’s warm smile and the pair’s closeness in the photo are suggestive of the amicable relationship that they share.

Meanwhile, Son Hyun Joo appeared on the May 14 broadcast of the MBC FM4U radio program “Sunny’s FM Date,” discussing a variety of topics with DJ Sunny. While Sunny continues her work as a radio DJ, Son Hyun Joo is currently promoting his recently released film, “The Chronicles of Evil.”

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