Lee Kwang Soo to Be the Main Star of This Week’s “Running Man”

2015-05-15 19:46:22 2015-05-15 19:58:12

The next episode of “Running Man” will be centered around the cast’s maknae, actor Lee Kwang Soo, as the main star.

On the upcoming May 17 broadcast of SBS’ variety show “Running Man,” the team will be running a race just for their youngest member.

The members even carried out a very special opening segment to greet the day’s main hero, Lee Kwang Soo. All of the members gave Lee Kwang Soo a surprise visit to his house, and began raiding the unsuspecting victim’s home. It is said that everyone burst into laughter at the sight of the actor’s shocked state as his house was taken over by the “Running Man” cast and crew.

Following the chaotic opening, the producers revealed the team’s official mission for the day, which was to become the member chosen by Lee Kwang Soo. This led everyone to try and get on his good side, as they all began to hug him, including the tough Kim Jong Kook.

Lee Kwang Soo’s final decision will be revealed on the next episode of “Running Man,” which is expected to air on May 17 at 6:10 p.m. (KST).

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