Chu Sarang Can’t Stand Losing on “Superman Returns”

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On the May 17 episode of “Superman Returns,” Chu Sarang shows her competitive streak when she loses a race to her father Chu Sung Hoon.

After saying goodbye to her mother at the elevator, the two have a spontaneous race in the hallway outside their apartment. But Chu Sung Hoon doesn’t pull any punches, and he easily dashes past his three-year-old daughter.

chu sarang race 1

Even before she reaches the end of the hall, Chu Sarang begins to cry!

chu sarang race 7

Chu Sung Hoon happily hams it up with a victorious pose, as Chu Sarang clings to his leg and wails on the floor.

Chu Sarang Superman Returns Race

However, everything ends happily for her because her dad lets her win the next race, and she rushes back into their apartment in triumph!

Chu Sarang Superman Returns Race

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