“Superman Returns” Seo Eon Says His First Words, But His Parents Miss Them

2015-05-17 06:14:56 2015-05-17 06:28:51

Lee Hwi Jae‘s son Seo Eon utters some of his first words on this week’s “Superman Returns!”

On the May 17 broadcast of the show, Seo Eon and his brother Seo Joon casually play around with sunglasses, when Seo Eon suddenly puts his thoughts into actual words for the first time on camera.

While inspecting his pair of pink sunglasses, Seo Eon surprises viewers by saying with a cute voice, “What are these?”

Unfortunately, Lee Hwi Jae and his wife did not hear the words – possibly his first ones ever – but luckily the cameramen managed to capture the precious moment.

Meanwhile, “Superman Returns” airs every Sunday at 4:50 p.m. KST on KBS2TV.

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