K-pop Best Male Body Tournament: First Round

2015-06-03 01:27:59 2015-06-09 11:12:49

Summer is fast approaching here in Korea, which means it’s time for a constant rotation of K-pop idols wearing tank tops, short shorts, and swimsuits! What better time to appreciate the human physique at its finest? Whether it’s chocolate abs, a lush S-line, or honey thighs, we’re giving you a chance to check out, and vote on, some of the best bodies in the world of K-pop. We’ve chosen 48 idols who are best known for their figures, and for the next two weeks, we’ll be putting them to the test in our K-pop Best Body Tournament! We’re running two tournaments simultaneously – this one’s for the guys! You’ll want to check here for the ladies.

The first round is an elimination round where you will pick the best out of groups of three. You can vote once every three hours from now until Monday, June 8, 2 PM KST.

Let’s get down to business! Go to the next page to begin.