Kim Soo Hyun’s Dad, Kim Chung Hoon, Is Preparing to Release an Album

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Actor Kim Soo Hyun, who is well-known for his talent in singing, must have gotten that talent from his dad.

It being reported that Kim Soo Hyun’s father, Kim┬áChung Hoon (pronounced as Kim Choong Hoon), is preparing to release a trot (music genre) album. He is working on this album with famous trot producers.

According to a music industry insider, Kim Chung Hoon is feeling a lot of pressure because of his son’s rise to stardom, but he has a lot of passion for music, and wants to prove his skills with this new album.

In the 1980s, Kim Chung Hoon was the vocalist in a rock band called Seven Dolphins. In 2009, he released a trot song “Oppa Is Here.” You can sample the album here.

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Listen to a song from Seven Dolphins here:

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