BREAKING: Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah Are Dating, Both Agencies Confirm

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A new couple has just been captured by Dispatch cameras: Kim Woo Bin (26) and Shin Min Ah (31).

According to the exclusive report from Dispatch, the two became close during endorsement activities for the fashion brand Giordano, and have currently been dating for roughly two months.

The report outlines Kim Woo Bin’s gentlemanly courtship, including pushing back his own filming so Shin Min Ah could wrap up her own schedule quickly, and picking her up at her home for dates, which were highly secretive and limited – naturally – due to their high profiles. A source allegedly close to the two stars said to Dispatch, “[Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah] started to show interest from February, when they were shooting ads together, and officially started to meet after May.”

Meanwhile, Shin Min Ah is set to star in the upcoming KBS drama “Oh My God,” alongside So Ji Sub.

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Updated July 22, 2015:

In response to the dating news, Kim Woo Bin’s and Shin Min Ah’s agencies have stated that they are not aware of the relationship, and that they are currently looking into it.

Kim Woo Bin’s agency SidusHQ stated, “We are asking [Kim Woo Bin] about the reports now; we had no idea about it. We will release a more detailed response following confirmation.”

Shin Min Ah’s camp likewise stated that they had no idea, and that they will release a statement upon confirmation.

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Updated July 22, 2015:

On July 22, Shin Min Ah’s agency confirmed to news outlets, “We have confirmed with [Shin Min Ah] that the two are currently dating,” and asked that fans look upon the two kindly.

Kim Woo Bin’s agency SidusHQ also confirmed initial reports.

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Screen capture of the Dispatch article

Screen capture of the Dispatch article