GOT7’s Jackson Shows Off His Swimming Abilities on “Our Neighborhood Sports”

2015-07-28 23:14:14 2016-03-23 22:01:39

The July 28 episode of “Our Neighborhood Sports” featured Jackson of GOT7 showing off his hidden swimming abilities. On this day, the show featured Julien Kang, Fabien, Robin, Otani Ryohei, Julian, Sam Hammington, and Jackson competing in an “International Swimming Competition,” as dubbed by the show.

GOT7’s Jackson said, “Don’t expect too much from me,” but immediately showed off his fit upper body and confidence.

Although he hesitated diving in a practice round, he showed off his smooth swimming ability with a confident start, explosive strokes, and good form and speed, surprising everyone. He swam 50 meters in the blink of an eye.

got7 jackson our neighborhood sports

Watch Jackson’s swimming here (at about 6:20):

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