IU Posts New Photos From Europe Trip With Yoo In Na

2015-08-06 20:41:47 2015-08-06 20:41:47

Singer IU shared yet another photo from her trip to Europe with close friend actress Yoo In Na.

On August 6, a picture taken in Europe was posted on IU’s Instagram account, with the short comment “In the photo, In Na chan.”

In the released photo, IU is wearing a cute summer dress, and posing exactly like the graffiti on the wall. It became known on August 1 that IU and Yoo In Na were traveling around Europe together, starting with Italy.


IU and Yoo In Na are well-known in the entertainment industry for being best friends. They mention each other often on-air, and they are known to spend time with each other off-air as well.

The singer also uploaded another photo that appears to have been taken in her hotel room.

Looks like she is thoroughly enjoying her trip!

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