Recap: All Things Soompi @ KCON LA

2015-08-08 18:31:19 2015-08-10 02:17:03

As we are all recovering from that post-concert slump, we thought a little reliving of #KCON15LA was in order.

Did you make it to the convention and stop by the Soompi booth? We had a lot going on, so just in case you missed anything – here’s what went down!

soompiselfies-manhi 2

Selfie Corner + Endless Giveaways:

When our booth wasn’t hosting meet and greets or K-beauty takeovers, we had a lot of exciting activities including:

If I were in a K-pop band challenge: We challenged KCON attendees with our previously viral challenge and the first word they saw was their destiny (no pressure though). They even got a sticker to show off their K-pop idol roles!

Fanart contest: We looooove when fans create even more content to supplement K-entertainment, so hosting a fanart station is a no-brainer every year. Thanks to the artists who stopped by!

Selfie corner: With our adorable K-entertainment-inspired polaroid frame, we invited attendees to take pictures alone or with their squad in the Soompi booth. Above are some of our favorites~

Giveaways: We love free stuff, you (most likely) love free stuff, everyone loves free stuff! To celebrate this universal love, we held raffles and flash giveaways all weekend for special items like signed GOT7 CDs, exclusive B2ST figurines, and other signed goodies.

Viki: We invited our friends from Viki to chill at our booth for the weekend, and you can bet they didn’t come empty-handed! With swag bags and signed 2NE1 t-shirts, Viki brought more fun for KCON attendees and helped us out a ton at our booth. Thanks Viki~

Click the numbers below for more exciting Soompi events and a chance to win some Soompi swag if you couldn’t make it out to LA: