Seo Jun Takes Care of His Brother Seo Eon on “The Return of Superman”

2015-11-16 01:41:50 2015-11-16 02:19:05

Lee Seo Jun of “The Return of Superman” showed his caring side on the November 15 episode of the show. The brothers went to a buffet with Lee Hwi Jae. While Lee Hwi Jae occupied himself with his food, Seo Eon‘s food went down the wrong way, making him cough violently. A concerned Seo Jun poured some juice and offered it to his brother.


Seo Jun continued to care for his brother later on; when he brought a piece of chocolate to the table, his brother immediately began whining for a piece. Seo Jun instantly turned around and went back to bring some for him. Impressive for a 30-month-old, huh?


Watch the latest episode of “The Return of Superman” here:

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