AOA’s Yuna and Hyejeong Are Glammed Up for SURE Magazine

2015-11-24 01:28:48 2015-11-24 02:26:11

AOA‘s Yuna and Hyejeong are ready to party it up for SURE magazine.

The spread is titled “Gorgeous Time to Party,” and the girls are glammed up for a night out. Hyejeong is decked out in a red miniskirt, a glittery black top, and gold accessories, while Yuna wears a white faux-fur jacket over a fool’s gold colored dress.


In the second set of photos, they’re dressed in more Christmas-appropriate colors, with Hyejeong in a navy blue dress and Yuna wearing a red and grey fur jacket.

During the filming, the girls were lauded by staff members for monitoring each other and generally creating a warm atmosphere on set. The full pictorial spread will be released in the December issue.

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*A previous version of this article switched Hyejeong and Yuna.