Lovelyz Surprises Fans with a Teaser for Upcoming Release “Lovelinus”

2015-11-24 11:57:45 2015-12-04 11:41:18

Update 12/4/15:

Individual member teasers have started being released for Lovelyz! Check out the individual teasers below.


lovelyz yein


lovelyz babysoul


lovelyz jisoo

lovelyz jin

lovelyz jisoo

lovelyz kei

lovelyz mijoo

lovelyz sujong


While Lovelyz has just recently finished up promotions for “Ah-Choo,” a teaser image for their next song was revealed today by their agency Woollim Entertainment.

Their Twitter account posted “What a surprise! It is a teaser image for “Lovelinus” 🙂 Let’s take a look at how lovely they can be!”

We see an image of the eight members with their back turned to the camera at a pier.

We can expect more information to be revealed soon, such as a release date and confirmation of what kind of release, such as a single or repackaged album.

Having released their debut album last November, Lovelyz has definitely had a busy rookie year with three promoted tracks already.

Lovelyz Lovelinus

Recently, Lovelyz has been gaining international attention for their a capella cover of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”