EXID’s Hani Reveals Why She Doesn’t Shower With the Other Members

2015-11-28 13:17:10 2015-11-28 13:17:10

Popular girl group EXID‘s Hani has revealed the reason why she doesn’t shower with the other members.

On the November 28 broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s “Entertainment Weekly,” EXID, who just made their comeback with “Hot Pink,” sits down for an interview.

Hani reveals that she has never showered with the other members, saying, “I don’t like when things get crowded.” At that, fellow member LE reports, “I just went in to wash my hands [while she was showering] and she closed the shower curtain.”

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The reporter asks, “Do you have a secret about your body?” Hani doesn’t readily answer, and then she incites laughter as she says, “It seems like I actually do have something when you make it like this!”

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