Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Reveals Captivating Images From Photo Shoot With Her Model Cousin Vivian

2015-11-30 22:06:03 2015-11-30 22:06:03

Good looks seem to run in the family, especially for Yuri and her cousin Vivian.

Since November 27, Yuri has been posting photo shoot images of her with her cousin Vivian, who is currently a model, on her Instagram.

In the revealed images, the two take on several different concepts, from lazy days on the bed to little black dress night out. Yuri and Vivian both have the same toned and sexy charms, making them seem more like sisters than cousins.

Meanwhile, Vivian has been making a name for herself through several fashion pictorials and introduced herself as Yuri’s cousin through On Style’s “Channel Girls’ Generation.”

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