Baek Seo Woo Captures Hearts on “The Return of Superman”

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On November 29, actress Jung Si Ah’s daughter Seo Woo made an appearance on “The Return of Superman” with Lee Hwi Jae and the twins.

Seo Woo first caught people’s eye through her mother’s personal Instagram, where the little girl shows off her doll-like looks in various cute clothes and costumes. Many people had expressed interest in seeing Seo Woo on the popular variety program “The Return of Superman.”

Lee Hwi Jae said, “Jung Si Ah and I have been friends since we were young. Recently we met at a wedding and talked about our kids. I said we should eat together sometime.”

baek seo woo lee seo eon

In the episode, the two families go to a kids’ cafe. Seo Woo greets the twins cheerfully and runs to Lee Hwi Jae for a hug as soon as she sees him. When the children play, she isn’t shy at all and acts like an older sister when she shares her ice cream with them. She even takes her mother by surprise when she says that Lee Hwi Jae is more fun to play with than her own father.

Throughout the episode, the little girl shows off her many charms, from her sweet, caring personality to her bright smile. After the broadcast, people left comments on Jung Si Ah’s Instagram, saying they enjoyed the broadcast and hope to see the mother-daughter pair again.

Watch the episode below:

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