Phantom Asks “Could You Be Mine?” in Group Comeback

2015-11-30 23:12:13 2015-11-30 23:12:13

On November 30 at noon KST, hip-hop group Phantom released their new single “Could You Be Mine?” The song has a different vibe from Phantom’s previous music and the music video features Crayon Pop’s Ellin.

It has been a year since Phantom’s last group comeback with the release of “A Story About My Ex” last November. During the hiatus, leader Kiggen released solo singles “Playback” and “Let’s Cross the Line” while also working as a music producer. Main vocal Sanchez released a duet project album “Woman” with Verbal Jint while Hanhae released his song “365” and made an appearance on “Show Me the Money 4.”

The new song “Could You Be Mine?” incorporates Phantom’s unique hip-hop style with newer elements of keyboard, guitar, and funk hip-hop. Their agency, Brand New Music, said, “It’s a song that only Phantom can make. It showcases the three members’ unique synergy and musical talent.”

Watch the music video below:

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