Watch: B.A.P Plays the Pepero Game

2015-11-30 02:24:33 2015-11-30 02:24:33

In a hilarious case of shenanigans, the boys of B.A.P took part in the infamous pepero game.

The boys split off into three pairs to compete against each other to see who could get the pepero stick the shortest. The first pair, Youngjae and Himchan, are too embarrassed to get the pepero very short on the first try. Zelo and Daehyun go next, and despite a rocky start, the two of them are able to get the stick of pepero down to barely a crumb.

Bang Yong Guk and Jongup go last, and though they are slightly more successful than Youngjae and Himchan, ultimately break off in laughter before they can get anywhere close finishing the pepero stick.

After that, the group tries their hands at charades, with Daehyun leading them along. Even with some of the words they have to guess in English, they are able to guess all of the categories within a few seconds.

B.A.P recently came back with their fourth mini-album “MATRIX” and are promoting the title track, “Young, Wild and Free.” It’s great to see B.A.P enjoying themselves after a difficult year!

Watch their hilarious hijinks below.

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