EXID Reveals Biggest Concern as Idol Stars

2015-12-01 07:42:11 2015-12-01 07:42:11

EXID spoke up about the one thing that worries them most as idol stars.

On December 1, EXID were guests on the radio show “2 O’clock Date With Park Kyung Lim.” During the recording, DJ Bae Chul Soo asked about what the members usually talk about when they’re together and what their biggest concern is.

Hani said, “We always ask ourselves if we will be able to have a good day today. We are (always) happy, of course, but it’s hard to control our minds if we don’t get enough sleep because of our tight schedule. In those times, we try our best to individually control our minds.”

Hani mentioned fellow member LE saying, “LE told me that she started saying, ‘thank you’ and ‘be strong’ every day. Likewise, we all try to come up with ways to cheer ourselves up.”

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