Kim Chang Ryul Sued for Allegedly Assaulting Someone Under His Own Agency

2015-12-01 07:12:57 2016-01-28 23:12:26

Singer Kim Chang Ryul has been sued for supposedly physically assaulting a celebrity under his own agency.

A 21-year-old star from the agency, referred to as Mr. Kim, told the police, “Representative Kim Chang Ryul slapped my face multiple times and even took away my monthly pay.”

According to the lawsuit, Kim Chang Ryul hit Mr. Kim on November of 2012 while having a meal together in a restaurant. Kim Chang Ryul said, “You’re too full of yourself,” and started hitting and cursing at him. Mr. Kim is a member of the boy group Wonder Boyz, and Kim Chang Ryul also confiscated three of the members’ credit cards and took out almost 30 million won (approximately $26,000) from the bank, which is three months of their monthly pay.

Mr. Kim filed this lawsuit last month and added, “Even if something happened to me I’ve been holding it all in because of my contract. My contract ends in November and that’s why I’m suing him now.”

The police who received his lawsuit stated, “We will call in the plaintiff and figure out the truth. We will also bring Kim Chang Ryul in for investigation if needed.”

Meanwhile, Kim Chang Ryul responded to this lawsuit, saying, “I have never stolen their monthly pay and I don’t remember going to a restaurant, either. I heard he filed a lawsuit but I am going to file one, too, for spreading false rumors and for false accusation. I really didn’t hit him. If I did, then he should have a medical receipt. Such things never happened. Does it make sense that I would steal his money?”

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