MyMusicTaste Reveals Their Next Big Act And It’s….

2015-12-01 10:17:15 2015-12-01 19:09:24

It’s EXO, okay, EXO!! (I seriously couldn’t hold it in any longer!)

MyMusicTaste (MMT) just announced that the big, mystery group that they’re bringing is none other than the boys of EXO! Who put money down on EXO? I totally did – pat on the back to me, soomp, and crystalcove. We’re apparently psychic.

So, do you live in North America and want EXO to perform as close to your house as possible? Well, MMT is letting fans choose the cities that EXO will perform in through their unique platform. So, head over to their website (here) and start “MAKE”-ing the concert a reality in a city near you!

Here’s hoping that EXO goes to a ton of cities here in North America – they might as well after making that trip, heh.

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