Park Seo Joon Proves That He Is Always Suave

2015-12-01 19:02:14 2015-12-01 19:02:14

November 26 was a cold wintery day. Actor Park Seo Joon started getting ready for the 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards three hours prior to the commencement of the ceremony. 

The normally easy-going, relaxed Park Seo Joon is clearly nervous. Instead of a coat reminiscent of his character from his latest drama “She Was Pretty,” he looks sharp in a tuxedo. He comments, “I always wanted to be on this stage from the day I dreamed of becoming an actor.” The staff members exclaim compliments to the decked out Park Seo Joon. He smiles shyly, finding their compliments hard to believe. In the midst of busy preparations, he still smiles at the High Cut magazine cameras.

He’s clearly in a hurry to take off to the ceremony, but still takes time to check the details of his outfit. Even though he’s joking around with the staff members, he can’t seem to hide his nervous energy. This is how Park Seo Joon’s first appearance on the Blue Dragon Film Awards began.

park seo joon2

park seo joon3

Park Seo Joon chose a jacket with special texture for his first appearance on the Blue Dragon Film Awards stage. He enhanced the look of the plain tuxedo with his style. The narrow collar and overall slim silhouette accentuates Park Seo Joon’s height and slim figure. The slim pants and shiny patent leather shoes showed off his cool, youthful tuxedo look. He wore a Lord and Taylor suit with shoes by Dior Homme.

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