Seolhyun, “She Was Pretty,” BIGBANG, and More Among Most Searched on Naver for 2015

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AOA‘s Seolhyun was officially the hottest star of 2015. Naver released the most searched words of 2015 on December 2, on twelve different categories, including people, society, variety, drama, movie, and music.

Seolhyun, who had a busy year as a singer, the advertising model of a cell phone company, and as an actress on the drama “Orange Marmalade,” was ranked number one on the people category, proving that she was indeed the most talked-about celebrity of 2015.

“MERS” was the most searched word in the society category, “Infinite Challenge” topped in the variety category, “She Was Pretty” won the drama category, “Assassination” was the most talked-about movie, and “Leon” (by IU and Park Myung Soo) topped the music category. BIGBANG was the most searched for the  Naver V App category.  The web drama “EXO Next Door” was the most searched in the web drama category.

When arranged by months, “Kill Me, Heal Me” topped the January list, “Oh My Ghost” in July, “Yong Pal” in August, “New Journey to the West” in September, “Reply 1988” in November were the most searched-for words.

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