Daebak Performs a Bubble Show on “The Return of Superman”

2015-12-03 23:59:37 2015-12-03 23:59:37

Daebak shows off an adorable new talent as he creates bubbles with his mouth.

On the October 6 broadcast of the 107th episode of KBS2’s “The Return of Superman,” the ‘Moment I Have Always Waited For’ special will air. In this episode, Daebak shows off his cuteness as he uses his mouth to form bubbles. He moves his mouth side to side before he is able to form a bubble and even responds to his dad’s questions with more bubbles, causing his dad to laugh.

Hearing his dad laugh, Daebak becomes excited and puts in more effort in moving his mouth to form another bubble. He seems to be performing a ‘bubble show’ with his new unique talent, causing much laughter on the show. He makes his family laugh even more as he upgrades his talent and shows that he can make the bubbles smaller then larger all at once.

The 107th episode of “The Return of Superman” will air on December 6 at 4:50 p.m. KST. Don’t miss out on Daebak’s lovable bubble show!

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