Daebak Sees Snow for the First Time and Is Amazed

2015-12-03 02:58:19 2015-12-03 02:58:19

Lee Dong Gook‘s son Daebak witnessed snow for the very first time!

Today (December 3), Seoul and many other cities in Korea experienced the first proper snowfall of the winter, meaning that pretty much everyone has been glued to their phones to capture the beautiful white blanket of snow on the ground, trees, and buildings.

Like everyone else, Daebak’s mother Lee Soo Jin posted photos of his son enjoying the view from their apartment on her Instagram, much to the delight of “The Return of Superman” viewers.

Staring out of the big window, Daebak seems to be mystified by the magical white fluff. The cute toddler also poses for his mother’s camera, melting followers’ hearts with his adorable round eyes and puffy cheeks.