Im Siwan and Byun Yo Han Have a Sweet Birthday Reunion

2015-12-03 17:50:25 2015-12-03 17:50:25

Actors from the drama “Incomplete Life” had a small reunion recently. Both Im Siwan and Byun Yo Han met up with each other for a small birthday party.

On December 3, Byun Yo Han uploaded a photo he took with Im Siwan on his personal Instagram. The two met up to celebrate Siwan’s belated birthday, which was on December 1. Despite the fact that “Incomplete Life” ended almost a year ago, the two actors seem to be super close with each other.

In the photo, Byun Yo Han is seen clapping in front of the birthday cake with a big smile on his face. Siwan looks touched by his friend’s sweet actions as he stares at Byun Yo Han with a big smile on his face as well.

Meanwhile, Im Siwan is currently preparing to make a comeback with the film, “Oppa’s Thought,” while Byun Yo Han is currently taking part in the drama, “Six Flying Dragons.”

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