Lim Kim Reportedly Preparing for Comeback Soon

2015-12-04 23:44:16 2015-12-04 23:44:16

Lim Kim is reportedly preparing for a comeback!

On December 4, Cosmopolitan Korea posted a picture of Lim Kim on their official Instagram. In the picture, the singer is dazzling in a black sparkly dress and loose brown waves. The caption notes that the photo shoot took place on December 3 and reads, “She has turned into a beautiful muse for 2016. Everything from her personality to her looks is beautiful.”

The caption also goes on to report the unexpected news that Lim Kim is preparing to release a single album soon and wishes her luck on the music charts.

Lim Kim, who was tagged in the picture, has shared some other pictures of the photo shoot but neither she nor her agency have confirmed the news.

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