Stephanie Lee Reveals How She Became Her “Yong Pal” Character

2015-12-04 17:43:33 2015-12-04 17:43:33

Model and actress, Stephanie Lee, revealed her experience acting in the drama “Yong Pal.”

Stephanie Lee appeared as a guest on KBS2’s “Happy Together” on December 3.

Stephanie, who had debuted as an actress through “Yong Pal,” said, “I did not realize this when I working as a model, but a lot of people recognize me more after appearing in a drama.”

Stephanie Lee

She also said, “Since I am still lacking as an actress, I did a lot to prepare for the drama. I lived my life as my character, Cynthia. I did my makeup and wore clothes just like Cynthia. I even said some of her lines in real life and also asked my friends to call me Cynthia. Even though I am a model, instead of walking like a model, I walked like Cynthia.”

She then showed the hosts of the show the difference between walking like a model and walking like Cynthia.

Along with Stephanie Lee, Eric Nam, John Park, Yoon Sang, and Lee Hyun Woo also appeared as guests on this episode of “Happy Together.”

You can watch the episode below!

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