Tablo Once Again Harassed by TaJinYo

2015-12-04 01:51:13 2015-12-04 01:51:13

Recently, Tablo attended a gathering for the Korean Alumni Association of Stanford University, and this has become yet another issue as some people are once again requesting the ‘truth’ from Tablo.

On November 30, many members of TaJinYo (short for “We demand the truth from Tablo”) began leaving comments on their official homepage after discovering that Tablo had attended the year-end party of Stanford Korea Club held on November 27 in Gangnam, Seoul.

Photos of Tablo and other notable alumni including current U.S. ambassador to South Korea, Mark Lippert, started making rounds in social media soon after the event.


One TaJinYo member suspiciously wrote on their website, “Why is it that Tablo does not say a single thing in English to his own daughter? Is it his hobby to hang out with strangers from Stanford University?”

Another member additionally wrote, “It looks like there are a lot of fakers at that Stanford alumni meeting. It is an alumni gathering with no alumni present. What a rare occasion.”

Tablo was part of a large controversy over his education at Stanford in the past when a group of netizens, who called themselves TaJinYo, accused him of lying about graduating from the elite university. The controversy grew bigger despite Tablo providing proof of his graduation and Tablo eventually sued many of the members for criminal defamation.

Meanwhile, Tablo is preparing to hold a concert with his fellow Epik High members this month.

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