U-KISS Eli’s Agency Releases Official Statement Regarding Marriage and Pregnancy

2015-12-04 23:00:58 2015-12-04 23:00:58

Following the announcement by U-KISS‘s Eli that he got married in 2014 and that his wife is three months pregnant, his agency NH EMG has released an official statement on the news.

According to NH EMG’s statement on December 5, Eli had been with his spouse, a model who is 11 years his senior, for five years before they registered their marriage in June of last year. However, Eli did not notify his company of the marriage until October 2014. Because he worried that the news of his marriage getting out would negatively affect the company and his members, Eli decided not to announce the marriage at the time.

When Eli discovered his wife was pregnant in early November, he alerted the company and began to consider announcing his marriage to the public then.

The statement continued on to say that the company was just as surprised by Eli’s announcement on Instagram as everyone else was. “Hiding the fact that they were married and avoiding the public eye was putting a strain on the mother and baby,” the statement said. “Eli has apologized for any harm done to his members and the company because of his surprising announcement.”

NH EMG has said that Eli’s marriage and his wife’s pregnancy will not affect his activities, U-KISS or otherwise. His current schedules, an upcoming fan meeting in Japan and his participation in the drama “Only You” with fellow member Kevin, will continue on as planned.

Meanwhile, former member Dongho just got married last week. It sure seems like the wedding bells are ringing for U-KISS!

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