Actress Go Hyun Jung’s Reality Show Is in the Works

2015-12-05 01:30:01 2015-12-05 01:30:01

According to several media outlets, a reality show starring actress Go Hyun Jung is in the works. The show will be called, “Go Hyun Jung Reality Show.”

The crew will finalize details soon and begin taping the show. The show will air on SBS Plus, however, they are still cautious to assert that the decision is not final.

Go Hyun Jung came into the scene as a former Miss Korea. Over the years, she has established herself as a serious actress with highly acclaimed Korean dramas under her belt. Fans can’t get enough of her not only for her acting and dramas, but also for her personal life having had married into a conglomerate family and later getting a divorce.

She has appeared in numerous dramas, movies and even variety shows revealing much of herself as an entertainer. But at one point, she was the epitome of a mysterious celebrity everyone was dying to know. Thus, her very first reality show is grabbing much attention of the entertainment world.

Meanwhile, Go Hyun Jung appeared in 2013 drama “The Queen’s Classroom” and is currently considering her next acting project.

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