Son Ho Young Reveals Why He Started Working Out

2015-12-05 21:15:57 2015-12-05 21:15:57

g.o.d, one of the most famous K-pop groups of the 90s that is still active, will make an appearance on the December 7 episode of “Healing Camp.”

In the filming of the episode that recently took place, Son Ho Young, who was nicknamed “Smile Angel” by his fans, showed that his smile hasn’t changed at all. Contrary to his smiles, however, Son Ho Young talked about the times when he was promoting his solo album. He said, “I don’t think I enjoyed even a moment of working alone,” shocking everyone.


It turns out that he felt overwhelmed and stressed by the work that he had to do. To cope with the stress, he started working out. He said, “I felt that I had to work as if I were five people, so I started working out.” The other four members of g.o.d were said to have been very touched by this, as Son Ho Young has never told them about this before.

On a lighter note, the members of g.o.d seem to have complained about Son Ho Young’s obsessive personality, under which everyone suffered. However, we will have to wait until December 7 to find out exactly how obsessive our Smile Angel was!

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