U-KISS’ Soohyun Speaks Up About Eli’s Announcement

2015-12-05 02:38:00 2015-12-05 02:40:24

U-KISS leader Soohyun has taken to Twitter to voice his thoughts on fellow member Eli’s big announcement.

In a string of tweets, Soohyun wrote, “Our fans must be really worried because of the shocking news today. I apologize for the shock. We were also taken back, but I’m heartbroken thinking about how long [Eli and his wife] must have suffered. They probably wanted to tell us ahead of time but didn’t have the courage to do so.”

He continued, “Because of this, U-KISS will make sure to pay more attention to our communication with the fans. There are people who are angry, and people who send their blessings. From here on out, please lend your strength to Eli, who has gathered his courage, and to his baby who will be born.”

In his final tweet, Soohyun finished by promising that U-KISS wouldn’t change and that they will show a more mature side of themselves. “As the leader, I wish to express my apologies once more,” he wrote. “We’ll strive to work even harder. Thank you.”

It’s nice to see Soohyun standing behind his fellow member amidst all the confusion! Eli also apologized to the fans for the shocking announcement in his original Instagram post.


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