Shin Min Ah and Henry Have a Dance Party in “Oh My Venus” Preview Stills

2015-12-06 00:26:46 2015-12-06 00:26:46

Shin Min Ah and Henry get their dance on in the upcoming episode of “Oh My Venus”!

In preview stills for the December 7 broadcast of the KBS 2TV drama, Shin Min Ah and Henry take part in a zumba dance routine, awakening Shin Min Ah’s previously hidden dancing talent and transforming her into a passionate dancing machine.

The two characters copy the routine from TV and have a late-night dance party. Henry, as an idol, came up with some of the choreography on the spot with the director. Shin Min Ah took direction from Henry and the pair filmed the scene without any mistakes.

shin min ah henry

The staff said, “This will become one of the memorable scenes of ‘Oh My Venus.’ You wouldn’t be able to see this anywhere else even if you paid money.”

So Ji Sub, waiting to film the next scene, couldn’t contain his laughter upon watching the pair’s energetic but comic dance moves. Unconcerned, the two actors went even more over-the-top. “Shin Min Ah’s hidden energy and Henry’s flamboyant steps made for great chemistry,” the staff said. “The two actors didn’t hold back at all during the scene.”

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